My Story

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From Sugar Dealer to Sugar Healer

I grew up in a sugar-filled home in a sugar-filled world just like most people. I inherited my love of baking from my Gramma Nonnemacher and became a celebrity-status cake decorator.

Aimee's Transformation

In the summer of 2014, I appeared on the TLC show Next Great Baker Season 4. It was an experience of a lifetime! I got to show off my specialties – wedding cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and toffee.

As a sugar addict heading into my early 50s, I was experiencing excess weight gain, uncontrollable sugar cravings, self-loathing, lethargy, bloating, moodiness, and a bunch of other bad stuff I’d rather not talk about.

In January 2017, I became serious about wanting to lose weight. I found 30 Days Sugar Free once again (after signing up years before). The words Change Takes Change rang out loud and clear as I read Founder and Author Barry Friedman’s book I Love Me More Than Sugar. I took his 30 day sugar free challenge and then extended it with my next goal of 90 days sugar free. This decision was the start of what would become my new beginning.

As I continued following Barry, I was led to the 2nd Annual Kick Sugar Summit where he was a featured speaker. I devoured every interview of the Summit, listening to some speakers multiple times. Florence Christophers, the Founder and Host of the Kick Sugar Summit, was also a transformational part of my journey, and with her encouragement, on Day 50 being sugar free, I realized sugar was my enemy, and there was no going back to it.

By God’s grace, I began declaring myself SFFL – Sugar Free For Life. Of course my family watched closely to see if my words would fall by the wayside and if I would slip back into my old ways, as I had done so many times before with all my crazed and half-baked diets. Guess what? I surprised them all!

I began posting about my sugar freedom on social media. I shared what I was learning about my addiction and posted pictures reflecting the physical changes that were taking place as well. My transformation was undeniable. My friends and family began asking me to help them get off sugar. My parents were the first family members to become sugar free.

I ended up closing my baking business, joined Barry and became Head Coach of 30 Days Sugar Free. Not long after, I was invited to help manage and then become the Co-Host of the Kick Sugar Summit. I’m never looking back. My life has completely transformed.

Working on the next venture of my life included becoming a Certified Health and Life Coach through Health Coach Institute, and a Licensed Sports Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer through National Association of Sports Nutrition.

I will forever proclaim the pain I experienced being addicted to sugar, flour and processed junk food took its toll on me long enough. I am now dedicated to helping others live a beautiful whole life.  I can help you too. Contact me for a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Aimee eating a carrot